ASM Thanks Anthro

As a small token of appreciation for the time, expertise, collaborative spirit, and good nature of Drs. Vance Haynes and Vance Holliday along with Jesse Ballenger, Darlene F Lizarraga, ASM Marketing Coordinator, contacted Director Barbara Mills to inform her that ASM was happy to share some proceeds from their April mammoth lecture series and day trip by transferring $500 into the Anthro general gift account. Darlene said “... Read more

Tsukamoto Receives Dual Funding

 In late May, Kenichiro Tsukamoto received notification that the proposal he submitted to the National Geographic Society will be funded. The National Geographic Society / Waitt Grants Program awarded him $15,000 in support of his proposed project "Retrieving the Ancient History of Intermediate elites: An Exploration of the Guzmán Hieroglyphic Stairway at El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico."


The National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants Program funds projects that... Read more

Faculty Exploratory Grant Awarded To Vance Holliday

Vance Holliday received a Faculty Exploratory Grant from University of Arizona Institute of the Environment to study "Younger Dryas Environments and Human Adaptation in the Southwest." His research focuses on the Great Plains of the United States. This work largely deals with the evolution of the landscape and the environment through the late Quaternary, particularly in archaeological contexts. He also has a longstanding interest in the role of soils in archaeological... Read more

Kacy Hollenback’s Research in The Bismarck Tribune

One of our Ph.D. candidates, Kacy Hollenback, is at Knife River as part of her research on Hidatsa pottery and her work was highlighted in The Bismarck Tribune. Hollenback said that the lure of archaeology is “We’re never done.”  “There’s always more to learn.” More Information

James Greenberg Receives Funding

 In collaboration with Rafael Sagarin, an assistant research scientist in the Institute of the Environment, James Greenberg will specifically explore how effective certain regulations are in protecting populations of a snail. Greenberg received $29,425 from the Office of the Vice President for Research for his project: Snail Paces:  The Political and Cultural Ecology of the Dye-Producing Snail Plicopurpura Columellaris from the Gulf of California to the Galapagos.... Read more

Anthro Grad Students Named Fulbright Scholars

 More than a dozen University of Arizona students were named Fulbright Scholars, a nationally competitive award that funds U.S. students studying or teaching internationally. Two Anthropology graduate students received this honor:


Jacob Campbell will conduct research in Trinidad and Tobago.


Melanie Medeiros will study in Brazil.


Additionally, other UA graduate students were named for the Fulbright-Hays program, one administered by U.S.... Read more

Joe Ben and Barbara Wheat Remember Haury

 Twenty percent of the Joe Ben and Barbara K. Wheat estate was set aside for to be used specifically and solely as an addition to the Emil W. Haury Educational Fund for Archaeology. The purpose of this gift was to honor Emil W. Haury and provide scholarships to benefit students studying in the field of anthropology at the University of Arizona. The School of Anthropology has already received a check for over $200,000 from the Estate of Barbara K. Wheat.


In 1953 Joe Ben Wheat... Read more

Olsen Collaborates with Statistical Research

Regents’ Professor John Olsen is a collaborator with Jeff Altschul of Statistical Research on a major project in Mongolia. Oyu Tolgoi, LLC, has awarded the design of the Oyu Tolgoi cultural heritage plan (CHP) to the Mongolian International Heritage Team (MIHT). The purpose of this study is to develop a CHP that allows Mongolia and Mongolians to define a process by which their heritage is not only preserved, but enhanced, at the same time that the country’s natural resources... Read more

SBS Alumnus Explores Archaeology Site

Political science alumnus Augustine B. Jimenez III recently took an exciting and educational family vacation. This past spring he and his family visited Maya sites in Central America where UA anthropologists Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan have been studying the ancient civilization. Jimenez, SBS’s 2009 homecoming chairman, owns a Phoenix law practice and is passionate about anthropology and archaeology.... Read more

Stabilizing the University Indian Ruins


New Life for University 

Indian Ruins


Four years ago the UA School of Anthropology received an $8 million gift from A. Richard Diebold, Jr., Ph.D., and his Salus Mundi Foundation. Part of the gift was earmarked for the stabilization and renovation of the historic University Indian Ruins property located in east Tucson. The renovations are now complete.


As part of the renovation, the adobe residence, archaeological laboratory, and guest house... Read more