Álvarez Receives GPSC Funding

José M. Álvarez was awarded $446.76 for a Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) Travel Grant in the Spring 2010 to present a paper at the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies in Boulder, Colorado. His research focuses on O'odham, whom missionaries and Spaniards knew as "Pima," sociopolitical organization in the Upper Pimería during the late seventeenth and mid-eighteenth centuries.

Brackette Williams’ Work as a Soros Justice Fellow Contributes to Program in Restorative Justice

This August, Associate Professor Brackette F. Williams joined Caroline Isaacs and Matthew Lowen (American Friends Service Committee, Arizona Area Program), and Nick Tara (La Frontera) in conducting a 3.5 hours training session to assist social workers in recognizing problems confronting the post-incarcerated persons among clients.  The team presented different perspectives on the causes and consequences of the prevalence of the mentally ill among the increasing numbers of... Read more

SOA Faculty Awarded Over $1.3m During the Summer

During the summer, the School of Anthropology faculty brought in over $1.3m in sponsored projects funding. There were 15 different awards received from May 12th through September 13th. Many were announced through this News Digest but looking at them collectively is impressive. There were six NSF awards and the other agencies are: ACDI/VOCA, Border Environment Cooperative Commission, Fogarty International Center, Institute for Aegean Prehistory, NEH, National Park Service, University of... Read more

Anita Carrasco is in the News

Graduate student Anita Carrasco received $1,000 Riecker Grant to support her research in Hana, Maui. She went there the first week of August to conduct an oral history relevant to her dissertation.


After she returned she received an email from a local journalist (Emily Bott) who wanted to write an article about her visit to Jeannie Pechin who is very much appreciated by the people of Hana.


She wrote an article in a local Monthly paper called... Read more

Tracking China’s Political, Social Transformation

Having completed a comprehensive study of political and social shifts in China, Assistant Professor Hai Ren (East Asian Studies and the School of Anthropology) spent 15 years studying cultural sites and tourism in China, finding that the country has made a steady evolution in the last two decades toward more neoliberal tendencies. Ren said the country has increased its emphasis on economic growth but has retained many traditional views and values. Based on his findings, Ren... Read more

James Watson’s Recent Publications

Assistant Curator of Bioarchaeology (ASM) and Assistant Professor of Anthropology (SOA) James Watson has three items published so far this year. The first came out in January and the last two were just published.


Watson, J.T., Misty Fields, and Debra L. Martin.  (2010)  "The Introduction of Agriculture and its Effects on Women's Oral Health."  American Journal of Human Biology 22 (1): 92-102.


Watson, J.T. (2010)  "The Introduction of... Read more

Ben Adams Speaks at International Conference

Ben Adams is a dual PhD candidate in the School of Anthropology and the Department of Near Eastern Studies. He presented just over a week ago at an international conference entitled "Astronomy and Power: How Worlds Are Structured," held in Gilching (near Munich) Germany, Aug 30-Sep 4 ( His talk was entitled "From Rain Stars to Lunar Stations: the... Read more

Mark Nichter Invited Speaker

Regents’ Professor Mark Nichter was an invited speaker a recent international meeting on the impact of tobacco use on TB  organized by the Global Health program at San Diego State University and sponsored  by the NIH. He summarized five years of research collected by Project Quit Tobacco International on tobacco use among TB patients in India and Indonesia. Tobacco use increases the chances of  experiencing manifest TB,  decreases the  effectiveness of treatment, and... Read more

Major UA Center Launched for Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences

Fashioned after several major UA centers and institutes, Confluence will serve as the interdisciplinary hub for faculty members and students in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The center's creation is considered one of the most important forms of administrative support collectively for the three disciplines. Regents' Professor John Olsen is a member of the board. More information... Read more

Alumni News

Be sure to visit to see what our alumni are up to. We have several recent posts about


·         Colette Sims being published

·         Andrew Gardner has a new book

·         John Murphy’s new position

·         Sean Downey and Peter Norquest receive grant

·         Bruce Bachand and Emiliano Gallaga... Read more