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Tom Fenn Receives Postdoctoral Fellowship

In May 2011 Tom Fenn will begin a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Patrick de Gryse in the Department of Geology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. His research will be on Islamic glass production and trade in the Maghreb (North Africa).  Tom defended his dissertation Applications of Heavy Isotope Research to Archaeological Problems of Provenance and Trade in December 2010 under the co-supervision of David Killick (Anthropology) and Joaquin Ruiz (Geosciences).

Carlos Del Cairo Book is Released

A book PhD candidate Carlos Del Cairo edited with Margarita Chaves, a colleague from the Colombian Institute of Anthropology, was released early February. The title of the book is Perspectivas antropologicas sobre la Amazonia contemporanea [Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Amazonia] (Bogota: ICANH-PUJ, 2010, 680 p.). It contains 24 articles written by anthropologists from Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, United States, France, Italy and England about... Read more

Micah Boyer Receives Grant and Fellowship

Congratulations to Micah Boyer who has received a Doctoral Dissertation Grant from Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation. As a Fahs-Beck Scholar, Micah will receive $4,768 for his “Rumor, Disease and Behavior: AIDS and Buruli Ulcer in Benin”.

Dorothy Fahs Beck established the Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation in 1993, enlarging on an earlier bequest co-founded with her husband, Hubert Park Beck, in 1986. The Fund's primary goal is to support... Read more

Bill Reitze Receives Fellowship

Bill Reitze received the Fred Plog Memorial Fellowship from the SAA. It'll go toward his work on the geoarchaeology of the Estancia Basin of New Mexico. The Plog Award provides support for an ABD who is writing a dissertation on the North American Southwest or northern Mexico.

Marathon: Humans Would Beat Neanderthals

From Discovery News: If a modern human and a Neanderthal competed in a marathon, who would win? In a short sprint, the Neanderthal might have had a chance, but most fit humans would always win longer races, suggests new research by UA anthropologist David Raichlen and his colleagues.

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Ancient Book Written in ‘Alien’ Code

From FOX News: UA physicist and affiliated Anthropology Assistant Professor Greg Hodgins has dated the mysterious Voynich manuscript back to the early 15th century, but scholars still are trying to understand what it means: "People are doing statistical analysis of letter use and word use the tools that have been used for code breaking. But they still haven't figured it out."

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UA Awarded Two Save America's Treasures Grants

The University of Arizona's Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and the Arizona State Museum are recent recipients of two prestigious "Save America's Treasures" grants.

Announced on February 1st in Washington DC, these grants include $425,000 for support of our tree-ring collections -- the largest and most extensive dendrochronology collections in the world -- to be housed in the new Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Laboratory building that is now being designed. Specifically, these funds will... Read more

Anthropology on Arizona Illustrated

The Stanley J. Olsen Laboratory of Zooarchaeology (Arizona State Museum) will be featured on KUAT’s Arizona Illustrated program this Friday (February 18) at 6:30PM (and again at 12:30AM).  The piece features interviews with ASM/Anthro faculty Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman, Anthropology graduate student Sarah Wolff, and Anthropology undergraduate, Stephanie Reyes.


The program will also highlight the career contributions of Stan... Read more

Silverstein’s Ground-Breaking Book

Brian Silverstein, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, has a new book available. Islam and Modernity in Turkey is an ethnographic study of Islamic discourses and practices and their articulation with mass media in Turkey, against the background of late Ottoman and early Republican precedents. This ground-breaking book... Read more

Excavating the Origins of Maya Civilization

Takeshi Inomata, Professor of Anthropology, submitted his first blog for the New York Times Scientist at Work about his and Daniela Triadan’s, Associate Professor of Anthropology, work at Ceibal.  

Their first post was uploaded on February 14th. 

Read the blog here. They will regularly... Read more