Anita Carrasco Moraga Receives Tenure-Track Position

Anita Carrasco Moraga was offered a "Tenure-Track Position at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Anthropology". She will start the position in late August of 2011.

Visit the Luther College Anthropology website.

The Influential, Ever-Evolving Nature of Food

 Would you maintain a regular diet containing either bee larvae, fried tarantula or tripe? What about pickled pig feet or chitlins? Or how about Twinkies? 

The answer depends partially on personal preference, access and habit, but also socially and culturally defined normative beliefs about food.  

Food does not always serve as mere... Read more

Holliday and Meltzer: “Top 10 Discoveries of the Year”

The popular magazine Archaeology (published by the Archaeological Institute of America) has an annual feature on “The Top 10 Discoveries of the Year” highlighting “the year’s most compelling stories.”

 They listed a paper that Anthropology Professor Vance Holliday wrote with David Meltzer (SMU): Vance T. Holliday and David J. Meltzer “The 12.9ka Impact Hypothesis and North American Paleoindians” Current Anthropology. v. 51, p. 575-585. They voted it... Read more

Micah Boyer Receives Fellowship

The Graduate College announced that six graduate students will be receiving the prestigious Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowships. Congratulations to Anthropology student Micah Boyer for his project "Rumor, Disease and Behavior:  AIDS and Buruli Ulcer in Benin."

Ann Hedlund’s New Book

Gloria F. Ross & Modern Tapestry, a new book by Ann Hedlund (Professor of Anthropology and Curator of Ethnology, Arizona State Museum; Yale University Press) represents an innovative genre—the ethnography of a professional career... Read more

Soren’s Work to be in New Textbook

David Soren’s, Anthropology and Classics Regents’ Professor, work on ancient malaria (which is continuing in the new project I am doing with Yale) has been selected for the forthcoming Parisian textbook and guide entitled The Archaeology of Roman Medicine, published by E. De Boccard. There will be a several page photo spread on his work in Lugnano, Italy. The publication will be out in about a year and a half. Their new techniques in the extraction of DNA for... Read more

Undergraduate Researchers to Present Original Work

UA students will present their research during the UA Honors Research Expo on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Topics will include issues related to human rights, immigration and ways to increase happiness.

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Priscilla Magrath’s Publication Receives Notice

We send kudos to Priscilla Magrath not only for her publication (Anthropology Matters, Vol 12, No 2), but for getting highlighted and complemented on a blog that aims to make anthropology more visible in the public eye. Read the blog


Beyond Governmentality: Building... Read more

Jessica Cerezo-Roman Awarded Travel Grant

Sending congratulations to Jessica Cerezo-Roman who was awarded the student diversity travel grant for the AAA. She is very grateful for all the assistance she received. Notice came on Monday from the Secretary of the AAA Archaeology Division, Jim Skibo (Ph.D., Arizona, 1990).

Community, Collaboration and Composting: Engaging the Border Region to Save Water and Turn Waste into a Resource

BARA's Waste to Resource Project is featured on the front page of the main UA website. The Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA) has initiatives underway all over the world, from the Bahamas to Indiana, from Brazil to the Gulf Coast. Read More.

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