Sarah Trainer Receives Fulbright Fellowship

Sarah Trainer, a graduate student in the UA's School of Anthropology, has been awarded an IIE Fulbright Fellowship. As a fellow, Trainer will travel to the United Arab Emirates where she will spend one year studying the eating habits and perceptions Emirati women have about obesity and type-2 diabetes, while also investigating cases of both of those conditions in women.

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Ivy Pike Receives Additional Funding

Congratulations to Dr. Ivy Pike who was notified that her NSF grant to study Collaborative Research: The Violence of "Small Wars," Poverty, and Health in Three Pastoralist Communities in Northern Kenya will receive an additional $53,846 and extend the project to August 31, 2010. The total award is now $143,373. In this project Dr. Pike and Dr. Bilinda S. Straight (Western Michigan University) will lead an international team of anthropologist to investigate the social and health-related... Read more

Linda Green Receives a New NSF Grant

Dr. Linda Green was awarded $66,415 to study Coming Home: The Reintegration of Native Yup'ik Soldiers/Veterans into their rural communities. This award is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5). This research explores the potential and multiple risks of suicide for Native (Yup'ik) Alaskan soldiers and veterans returning from the Middle East war theatre as they reintegrate into their rural isolated communities located in the Yukon - Kuskokwim Delta... Read more

Tom Sheridan Receives NEH Collaborative Research Grant

Dr. Thomas Sheridan will receive $75,000 for an NEH Collaborative Research Project. The title is Moquis and Kastilam: The Hopi History Project. His project will focus on the collection of Hopi oral traditions related to early encounters between the Hopi and Spanish colonizers; and the preparation for publication of a scholarly history of Hopi-Spanish relations. Dr. Sheridan is one of two projects to be awarded in Arizona. Congratulations to you!

Mary Stiner Recommended for NSF Funding

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Stiner who received noticed that her $130,000, 3-year proposal was recommended for funding. The title is “Predator-Prey Dynamics, Site Formation Processes & The Roots Of The Forager-Herder Socioeconomic Transition At Aşikli Höyük, Turkey.” In this project Dr. Stiner will investigate the roots of the forager-producer socioeconomic transition at the site of Aşıklı Höyük in Central Anatolia (Turkey). The earliest cultural deposits (Layer 3-4) of this large mound... Read more

Jane Hill to Receive the 2009 Franz Boas Award

Congratulations go out to Dr. Jane Hill who recently received a letter from Setha Low, President of AAA, that she will be awarded the 2009 Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology. It will be awarded at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. When Jane notified the Department of the award she said, "I would not be the recipient of this honor without the wonderful support of colleagues and students in our terrific department! And the hard work of former students -- the nomination... Read more

School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona

The School of Anthropology has been established at the University of Arizona. It incorporates the Department of Anthropology and the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA) into one unit and an additional 10 faculty members from the Arizona State Museum and Department of Classics. The School of Anthropology was proposed as part of the University’s Transformation Plan initiated by the President and Provost in August of 2008. The final proposal was voted on by the Faculty Senate... Read more

Brian Burke's Fellowship Noted by UA Communications

Brian Joseph Burke is among a few doctoral degree candidates in the nation to receive a dissertation research fellowship through the Inter-American Foundation for Dissertation Research. He will spend a year in Columbia studying barter systems and alternative currencies.

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David Killick Receives NSF Grant

Dr. David Killick has a new grant from NSF; starting July 1, 2009, he is awarded $269,754 for 2-years from the Archaeometry NSF program. Following are the title and grant abstract.

Developing Heavy Stable Isotopes for Provenance of Turquoise, Metals and Glass

This award is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5).

With the support of the National Science Foundation, an interdisciplinary team at the University of Arizona... Read more

Karin Friederic Receives Dissertation Fellowship

Congratulations to Karin Friederic for receiving a Dissertation Fellowship from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. Dissertation: Frontiers of Violence: Women's Rights, Family Violence, and the State in Ecuador (supervised by Dr. Linda Green).

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (HFG) welcomes proposals from any of the natural and social sciences and the humanities that promise to increase understanding of the causes, manifestations, and control of violence, aggression,... Read more