UAC Collection for Refugees

The School of Anthropology’s Undergraduate Anthropology Club is working alongside faculty members Linda Green and Diane Austin in a drive to collect donations for migrant families, women, and children. The need is urgent to collect supplies such as toiletries, feminine hygiene products, and gently used clothing for those who are in need. UAC is focusing on the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales, Arizona; Tucson churches, which have received hundreds of... Read more

Alvarez Honored by AFS

Associate Professor Maribel Alvarez learned earlier this week that she has been awarded the Américo Paredes Prize by the American Folklore Society. Dr. Alvarez, who notes that the AFS was founded by Boas, responded to the news with a characteristic “be still my heart!”

According to the AFS website, “The prize recognizes excellence in integrating scholarship and engagement with the people and communities one studies, or in teaching and encouraging scholars and... Read more

Carney Named Public Voices Fellow

Assistant Professor Megan Carney was named one of 20 women to participate in the Tucson Public Voices Fellowship for the year 2018–2019 as part of the national OpEd Project. A partnership between The University of Arizona, the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, and The OpEd Project, this intense year-long fellowship provides a unique professional and leadership development opportunity. First piloted at Yale, the goal is to increase the influence of women and minority... Read more

Lamoreaux Secures Wenner-Gren Fellowship

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Janelle Lamoreaux, who is the recipient of a one year Wenner Gren Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship for her project titled “Infertile Futures: Epigenetic Environments in a Toxic China.” Dr. Lamoreaux will use the time to complete her book of the same title. The project abstract is below; read about the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship here.

... Read more

Faculty Presentations: Austin Contributes to Nogales Urban Planning Conference

Dr. Diane Austin, SoA Professor and Director, participated in an urban planning conference in Nogales, Sonora on Friday, October 12. Dr. Austin’s Spanish-language presentation, “Creando y Manteniendo Sociedades Multisectoriales para el Desarrollo de la Comunidad” (Creating and Maintaining Multi-Sectoral Partnerships for Community Development), was an interesting overview of all the projects UA has worked on with community partners in Nogales, Sonora within the last... Read more

Recent Publications: Mose Research in JAS Reports

Graduate Student Vicki Moses published an article in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports on her research on diet and religious ritual at the Etruscan site of Veii, Italy. The article, titled “Urbanization, meat consumption, and ritual practices at Veii, 9th–... Read more

“Eerie and Weird” Find by Soren-Led Project

Just in time for Halloween, UANews has announced the discovery of a ten-year-old child buried in Roman times. The newly exhumed child was buried with a stone in his or her mouth, perhaps to prevent the child from returning from the grave. The find has earned the local epithet of “Vampire of Lugnano” according to Regents’... Read more

Faculty Presentations: Mark and Mimi Nichter Part of NIH Panel

Regents’ Professor Mark Nichter and retired Professor Mimi Nichter participated in an expert panel on high intensity drinking among college students and emerging adults at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism on October 10. The NIAAA is part of the National institutes of Health.

Faculty Presentations: Zedeño Speaks at Stanford

Professor Maria Nieves Zedeño gave a lecture on October 4 at the Stanford University Archaeology Center. The title of her talk was “Napi is the environment: Looking at the peopling of North America through Blackfoot Creation Stories.” This was the first lecture of the Center’s Connectivity and Temporality in the Archaeological Record lecture series for Fall 2018.

Abstract: Although generally thought as timeless, creation stories often derive from... Read more

In the Media: CNN Quotes Roth-Gordon

Associate Professor Jennifer Roth-Gordon uses “the iceberg metaphor” in a discussion about euphemisms for racism in a CNN article from September 29 titled “The polite way to call someone a racist.”