William Doelle Is Thompson Award Winner

Congratulations to Dr. William Doelle (Ph.D. Arizona, 1980; M.A. Arizona, 1974), who is the newest recipient of the School of Anthropology Raymond H. Thompson Award! The award was instituted at the University of Arizona, Department (now School) of Anthropology 90th Anniversary Celebration Gala Event to honor Professor Ray Thompson, the third Head of Anthropology. It honors Dr. Thompson’s long-standing contributions to the development of anthropology as a discipline at the University of Arizona and beyond, and is given to an anthropologist to recognize his or her unique contributions to anthropology at the University of Arizona. Dr. Doelle, President and sole owner of Desert Archaeology, Inc., is the seventh recipient of the Thompson Award, and joins an illustrious company:
Arthur Jelinek (2005-2006)
Jane Hill (2008-2009)
Stephen Zegura (2009-2010)
Carol A. Gifford (2013-2014)
Jefferson Reid (2014-2015)
William Longacre (2015-2016)
Dr. Doelle’s award will be presented at the SoA Field School Symposium on October 10, 2015, which will be held at the University of Arizona (Cesar Chavez 111) and followed by a reception at the Arizona State Museum. At the event, selected members of his nominating committee will share with the attendees his contributions to UA Anthropology. Dr. Thompson himself will bestow the medal, and Dr. Doelle will have an opportunity to speak as well. To view the Symposium program, please click here.