Welcoming New Staff at SoA

June 24, 2022

The SoA is happy to welcome two new staff members in the month of June!

Zotero Citlacoatle wearing glasses and a white shirt

In the admin suite, we were joined by Zotero Citlalcoatl, our new Program Coordinator. Zotero earned his M.S. in Public Policy at the UA . He has been working in the sustainable agricultural industry since 2010. He was a leader at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona’s Community Food Resource Center where he helped start school gardens, ran many youth programs, and worked on many community-based food security initiatives. In 2017, Zotero started his own business to help people transform their landscapes into Sonoran Desert native food bearing plant paradises. He has worked with farmers throughout Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and New Mexico to help them harvest rainwater and build their soil. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves to go hiking, camping, and fishing with his family. Zotero's office is in Haury 210. Please stop in and introduce yourself and say hello when you get a chance.




In the business center, we will welcome Jeanne Connelly, who will join us as a Business Administrator beginning Monday, June 27. Jeanne has been with the University of Arizona since 2014 and most recently with College of Optical Sciences. She has been working in Accounting and Business operations for over 20 years. Jeanne is a Chicago native and a big White Sox baseball fan. She also enjoys volunteering with children and their parents within the foster care system.