Valentinsson Receives SLA Honorable Mention

ANLI Ph.D. candidate Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson has received an Honorable Mention for her submission to the Society for Linguistic Anthropology’s 2019 John Gumperz Annual Graduate Student Essay Prize. Along with the winner and two other honorable mentions, Valentinsson will present her submission at the 2019 Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Vancouver, Canada. Her paper is titled “Authentic Voices, Cosmopolitan Consumers: Perceptions of Dubbing and Subtitling of Anglophone Media within Argentine Fan Communities.” Drawing on her dissertation research with Argentine fans of English-language media and pop culture, the paper investigates how attitudes towards dubbing and subtitling of foreign media become reinterpreted as social indexes of class status in Argentina.

(Digest date: 03/29/2019)