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Tumonggor Receives Young Scientist Award

Congratulations to Meryanne Tumonggor (M.A. Arizona, 2008; Ph.D. Arizona, 2014), who has been named the 2016 Journal of Human Genetics Young Scientist Award recipient! The award, which “identifies articles that have made a significant contribution to the Journal of Human Genetics, using the judgment criterion of scientific excellence and impact in the field of human genetics,” according to the journal website, will be presented in Japan in November 2017. Dr. Tumonggor was selected on the basis of her article “The Indonesian archipelago: an ancient genetic highway linking Asia and the Pacific” (2013, 58, 165–173), one of two published in the journal during her doctoral studies. The article is a broad-scale study of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the associated Y chromosome across the Indonesian archipelago, with 2740 individuals sampled from 70 communities. The genetic diversity pattern showed that there might be a cultural shift from matrilocality to patrilocality in the archipelago. The mtDNA lineages also revealed the traces of different migration waves into Indonesia, from the early settlers to the Neolithic population expansion.

Professor Emeritus J. Stephen Lansing was Dr. Tumonggor’s advisor throughout her School of Anthropology career and served as chair of her exam and dissertation defense committees. Dr. Tumonggor was Dr. Lansing's Research Assistant on his Austronesian Project, which was a collaborative work between the SoA and the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (Jakarta, Indonesia). Her doctoral research was part of the Austronesian project. Read an abstract of Dr. Tumonggor’s dissertation, Genetic Insights on the Human Colonization of Indonesia.

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