Stoffle Team Reports on Research in Nevada

The Stoffle research team just concluded field work in Nevada with representatives of 17 tribes. The work was kicked off with an invited talk by Dr. Richard Stoffle (Professor of Anthropology; Research Anthropologist, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology) to 65 assembled tribal representatives, contractors, and Air Force leadership. The talk was a summary of work completed on the Ethnographic Assessment of the Legislative Environmental Impact Assessment proposed by the Air Force regarding greatly expanding its boundaries. Field work followed with nine members of the Native American Consolidated Group of Tribes and Organizations (CGTO) and a subgroup of their called the Writers Group. Work was accomplished with the help of Chris Sittler, graduate student and BARA Research Assistant, and Chris Johnson, undergraduate. Photos: 1) UA researchers and members of the CGTO Writers Group doing field work in Nevada as part of the LEIS; 2) a circle interview with the members of the CGTO Writers Group after a day in the field; 3) Richard Arnold, head of the CGTO Writers Group, and Rich Stoffle talk about field activities.