SoA Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumna Collaborate with Southern Paiutes

SoA Director Diane Austin, Kevin Bulletts (BARA), Megan Sheehan (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016), Sophia Borgias (Geography Ph.D. intern with BARA), Helene Brown, (SoA undergrad), Katy Honaman (SoA undergrad), and Xavier McClean (SoA undergrad) joined Southern Paiute elders and cultural specialists from the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians and San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe to visit the Museum of Northern Arizona and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. In 1956 Congress authorized the construction of Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, which inundated 153,000 acres of the Glen and San Juan canyons with flood water. BARA researchers and Southern Paiute tribes have worked together since 1992 to document the effects of dam operations on places and resources along the river below the dam. During the recent Spring Break trip, BARA researchers and Southern Paiute representatives visited the Museum to review excavated materials and site files from places along the San Juan River that were inundated after the Dam was completed in 1963. They also visited sites along the Colorado River between the Dam and Lees Ferry with National Park Service representatives to assess the effects of the Dam on those sites and discuss management options.

Photo: (top) Katy drives the boat while Zay looks on; (bottom left) Helene and Sophia examine petroglyph panel for graffiti; (bottom right) Helene, Katy, and Zay document site condition (Anthro News Digest issue date: 3/31/2017)