SoA Contributes Courses and Instructors to New Start

For the fifth consecutive year, the School of Anthropology is participating in the University of Arizona’s New Start program. Now in its 51st summer, New Start is an intensive, six-week summer bridge program designed as a comprehensive introduction to the university that helps with the transition from high school to college. The program has proven that it boosts retention rate at the UA, with New Start Students continuing into their second year at a higher rate than peers who did not participate in New Start. New Start helps incoming students get acquainted with campus through opportunities for leadership development and service projects, networking with peers and mentors at social events, and getting a jump on their coursework by taking two classes, worth 6–7 units of credit: the class EDL 297A: Topics in Leadership and a general education class in Anthropology, English, or Math.

Many Ways of Being Human (ANTH 150B1) was the first anthropology course to be taught specifically in New Start three years ago. It was taught that year (2015) by Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia (Ph.D. Arizona, 2015). Three years ago, in 2016, Ph.D. candidates William Cotter and Elizabeth Eklund taught two sections of 150B1. The numbers continued to grow and for 2017 three sections of 150B1 were taught by graduate students Elizabeth Eklund, Luminita-Anda Mandache, and Dana Rosenstein. To accommodate the expansion of the program and better meet New Start students’ needs, the Anthropology component of the program was completely reorganized for 2018, and eight courses were offered: four sections of ANTH 150B1 (Felix Ampadu, William Cotter, Florence Durney, Lumi Mandache), two sections of ANTH 160A1: World Archaeology (Mathew Fox and Angela Orlando), and two sections of ANTH 170C1: Human Variation in the Modern World (Catherine Cooper and Jennifer Kielhofer).

This year’s instructors include current SOA PhD students Felix Ampadu, Razia Solana, Keri Miller, and Mathew Winter, along with Jennifer Kielhofer (M.A. Anthropology 2013, Ph.D. candidate in Geosciences Arizona), and Magda Mankel (former New Start Alum and B.A. Arizona 2013; Master’s in Applied Anthropology, 2016; Ph.D. candidate University of Maryland, College Park). Thanks to all of this year’s instructors for your commitment and for introducing a new group of students to Anthropology! (Anthro News date: 6/14/2019)