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SoA at the 2019 SfAAs

Congratulations to all School of Anthropology and Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology students, faculty, and staff who participated in last week’s Society for Applied Anthropology meetings in Portland, Oregon! The 79th Annual Meeting of the SfAA took place March 19–23, 2019, and was organized around the theme Engaging Change in Turbulent Times.

The poster titled "The Cloth Diaper Pilot Project: Understanding Cultural Components of Cloth Diaper usage in Tucson, Arizona," by Sarah Renkert, Rachel Filippone, Michelle Schatz, and Mariel Bustamante, received an honorable mention in the student poster competition. Diane Austin, SoA Professor and Director, praised the students who participated: “Our students did a great job!”

Photos: 1) Leila Castro and 2) Rachel Murray making their presentations

Here’s a look at who participated in or chaired which session, along with the titles of papers and posters:

Wednesday, March 20: Cutting Edge Political Ecology: Celebrating 25 years of the Journal of Political Ecology, Part I (PESO). CHAIR: Dr. Thomas Park
Noah Pleshet: Political Ecologies of Dingo Bounty in Indigenous Central Australia
Dr. Diane Austin: Place Matters: Tracking Coastal Restoration after the Deepwater Horizon
Dr. Thomas Park, Aminata Niang, and Dr. Mamadou Baro: Digital Sensing and Human-Environment Relationships in the Face of Climate Variability in Senegal and Mauritania

Thursday, March 21: Communities in Transition: Ethnographic Perspectives on Economic and Social Change. CHAIR: Dr. Ben McMahan
Leila Castro: Complex Relationship between Education and Labor in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Rachel Filippone: Responses of Social Service Organizations to Economic Shifts in Southern Louisiana
Moriah Bailey Stephenson: Reverberations of Resilience: Deployments and Imaginings of Louisiana Resilience in Turbulent Times
Dr. Ben McMahan: Diversify or Follow a Well-Worn Path: Inertia and Adaptation in Community and Economic Development

Photos: 3) Abbey Fluckiger and Jennie Doss, and 4) Sarah Renkert and Rachel Filippone with their posters

Friday, March 22, Posters
Abbey Eversole Fluckiger, Sarah Renkert, and Jennie Doss: Chronic Food Insecurity and Nutrition: Exploring Food Acquisition Strategies among Low Income Families in Amado, Arizona
Sarah Renkert, Rachel Filippone, Michelle Schatz, and Mariel Bustamante: The Cloth Diaper Pilot Project: Understanding Cultural Components of Cloth Diaper usage in Tucson, Arizona

Friday, March 22: Navigating the Research Process in Community. CHAIRS: Yu-Rong Joy Liu and Austin Duncan
Elizabeth Eklund, Research Encounters: Scheduled and Spurious
Austin Duncan, Living “The Social Life of TBI”: On the Value of Embodied Research in the Social Sciences
Yu-Rong Joy Liu, Navigating the Boundary in a Strongly Bureaucratized Society: The Value of Job Shadowing and the Balance of Formal and Informal Knowledge and Identities in Rural China
Saleh Ahmed, Data Collection in Data Poor Region: Understanding the Demands for Climate Information in Coastal Bangladesh
Rachel L. Murray, Put It on the Map: Combining GIS, Geo-ethnography, and Socio-institutional Network Mapping
Marie-Blanche Roudaut, Exploring the Relationship between Sustainable Land Management Practices and Traditional Ecological Knowledge among Smallholder Farmers in Northern Ghana
(Note: Yu-rong Joy Liu, Saleh Ahmed, and Marie-Blanche Roudaut are in Arid Lands Resource Sciences and work with BARA faculty.)

Saturday, March 23: Indigenous Voices in Parks and Protected Areas: Applied Ethnography from the American Southwest to Central Australia. CHAIR: Dr. Richard Stoffle
Christopher Sittler, Interpreting Interpretations: Native Voices in Public Displays
Dr. Richard Stoffle, Stone Arches as GeoFacts in Utah National Parks: Epistemological Divides in Environmental Communication
Dr. Noah Pleshet, Indigenous Engagement in Parks and Protected Areas in Central Australia
Cameron Kays, American Indian Traditional Spring Cleanings
Grace Penrey, The Identification of the Shinny Stick and its Significance for Native American Women
Mariah Albertie, Aztec Butte: Sacred or Profane

(Digest date: 03/29/2019)