Smith Family Helps Create UIR Website

Thanks to the generous support of Jaye, Jean, and Eldon Smith, the School of Anthropology is collaborating with Leszek Pawlowicz, Associate Practitioner from Northern Arizona University’s Department of Anthropology, to develop an educational website for the University Indian Ruin. The website will feature 3-D panoramas and models to help convey information about the site, its features, its relationship to other Hohokam sites, and the artifacts found there, in formats that are accessible to a broad audience. As part of the project, Leszek is teaching archaeology graduate students principles and practices of 3D photogrammetry and other techniques. Early products of this work will be shared with students, faculty, and members of the public in November and December 2018.

Photo: Leszek Pawlowicz explains features of the digital camera to grad student Izzy Stein while (l to r) grad student Lauren Bridgeman, Jean Smith, Eldon Smith, Jaye Smith, and grad student Stephen Molinares look on.