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Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic


Relishing Our Sonoran Home in the Time of COVID-19
(Alternate title: Love in the Time of COVID-19)

By Charla Dain

The Sonoran spring arrives
(In spite of the virus)
In waves of yellow:
Warblers, creosote, marigolds, and pollen.

It comes in a press
Of pink and violet:
Penstemon and verbena,
Fairy duster and milk vetch.

Life will go on, it says,
If only for a while,
With beauty, and joy, and laughter—
Just listen to the yellow warbler!


COVID-19 Overview

Regents’ Professor Emeritus Mark Nichter’s Reflections, a PowerPoint overview of current knowledge about COVID-19, continues to be available on our new page of COVID-19 information and helpful links; the presentation is now near the top and is also available in PDF format. More is learned about the virus every day, so Dr. Nichter will be providing updates weekly, so check back often!