Recruiting Master’s Students to Meet Arizona’s Community Needs: Masters of Applied Archaeology Program

The School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona is pleased to announce that it has obtained funding from the Graduate College to provide Graduate Tuition Scholarships (GTS) for students entering in the 2018–2019 academic year. The GTS will cover up to 6 units per semester for two to four students in the first year of the Masters of Applied Archaeology program.

Applied Archaeology is an emerging field of study within Anthropology that creates and uses knowledge in the context of applications such as Cultural Resources Management (CRM), Historic Preservation, Indigenous Heritage, and Preservation Archaeology.

The School of Anthropology established the two-year MA in Applied Archaeology program in 2008 to train students to fill jobs in Arizona. Since then, we have graduated twenty students who have obtained employment in governmental agencies, non-profit institutions, and private sector companies.

We seek highly motivated students who are interested in a rigorous two-year academic program designed to teach the subject matter and professional skills needed for a successful career in archaeology. The carefully designed curriculum includes classroom instruction in anthropological method and theory, laboratory training in specialized analytical techniques, coursework to establish expertise in an archaeological region, and an internship to develop professional skills.