Recent Publications: Watson and Tuggle on Gum Disease among the Mogollon

Associate Professor James Watson in the fieldAssociate Professor James Watson has co-authored an article with Ohio State University grad student and SoA alum Alexandra Tuggle (B.S. Arizona, 2012) titled “Periodontal health and the lifecourse approach in bioarchaeology” in the most recent issue of Dental Anthropology. Their work focuses on deciphering the influences sex hormones had on periodontal disease in Mogollon samples from east-central Arizona. Their findings suggest that women in the final decades of life suffered more periodontal disease and tooth loss than men. Read the abstract here. Dr. Watson is also Associate Curator of Bioarchaeology and Associate Director of the Arizona State Museum. Please note: This journal may show images of human remains that some might find disturbing. (Anthro News date: 8/2/2019)