Recent Publications: Two Publications by Hasaki on Greek Potters’ Communities

Associate Professor Eleni Hasaki has two new articles out:

The Connected World of Potters in Ancient Athens: Collaborations, Connoisseurship, and Social Network Analysis” (with Diane Harris Cline) in CHS Research Bulletin
Abstract: The Social Networks of Athenian Potters project uses social network analysis to map relationships between the black-figure vase painters of the Athenian Kerameikos to obtain a panoramic view of how artists in an industrial quarter connected. For this experiment we chose Beazley’s Attic Black-figure Vase-Painters as our source of data. We recorded the hundreds of connections between individual artists, groups, and the shapes they made in common. This is the first study to visualize, calculate, and evaluate these associations and interconnections. Our research links connoisseurship studies with quantitative analysis to explore the organization of ceramic production in Archaic Athens. (This research was conducted with a collaborative fellowship awarded to Eleni Hasaki and Diane Harris Cline at the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS), Harvard University)

Potters and Their Wheels in Ancient Greece: Skills and Secrets in Communities of Practice” in M Denti and M. Villette (eds.), Archéologie des espaces artisanaux
Abstract: This is the first comprehensive study of the literary, visual, archaeological, and experimental data on the potter’s wheels used in Ancient Greece in the historical periods. For the study we used the wheel replica at the Laboratory for Traditional Technology, we recorded weights of vases at the Arizona State Museum Mediterranean collections, and we conducted experimental throwing sessions with SoA Professor Emeritus Michael Schiffer (fig. 9)! (Anthro News digest date: 5/3/2019)