Recent Publications: Two New Books by Park and Greenberg

Thomas Park, Associate Professor, and James Greenberg, Professor, are co-authors of two new volumes from publisher Rowman & Littlefield. In the first book, The Roots of Western Finance: Power, Ethics, and Social Capital in the Ancient World, the authors “take an anthropological approach to credit and suggest that financial activities occur in a complex milieu in which specific parties, with particular motives, achieve their goals using a form of social, cultural, or economic agency.” In the second, Hidden Interests in Credit and Finance: Power, Ethics, and Social Capital across the Last Millennium, Park and Greenberg “take an anthropological approach to the economic history of the past one thousand years and define credit as a potentially transformative force involving inequalties, rather than an exchange of equal valued commodites.”

Anthropology News readers have a special opportunity to purchase the two volumes at a discounted rate. Access the special order form for The Roots of Western Finance here; the order form for Hidden Interests is here. (Anthro News Digest date: 11/17/17)