Recent Publications: SoA in American Antiquity

Matthew J. Rowe, Lecturer (photo), is co-author of an American Antiquity article that just went live in February. “Bacheeishdíio (Place Where Men Pack Meat),” reports findings from a community-based archaeology project with the Crow Tribe in southeast Montana. Read the abstract here.

Chip Colwell (B.A. Arizona, 1996) and T.J. Ferguson (Professor, School of Anthropology) have published an article entitled “Tree-Ring Dates and Navajo Settlement Patterns in Arizona” in American Antiquity 82(1):25–49. The tree-ring data analyzed in the article support the hypothesis of a westward Navajo migration from the Dinétah, reaching Black Mesa in Arizona about 1840, other areas north and east of the Hopi Mesas in the 1850s, and land west of Hopi in the 1870s after the release of Navajos from Fort Sumner in 1868.