Recent Publications: Hopkins et al. Publish Chapter

Maren P. Hopkins (B.A. 2003; M.A. 2012), Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa (B.A. 1999), Saul L. Hedquist (Ph.D. candidate), T.J. Ferguson (Professor), and Chip Colwell (B.A. 1996) have co-authored a book chapter entitled “Hopisinmuy Wu’ya’mat Hisat Yang Tupqa’va Yeesiwngwu (Hopi Ancestors Lived in These Canyons)” in Legacies of Space and Intangible Heritage; Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and the Politics of Cultural Continuity in the Americas, edited by Fernando Armstrong-Fumero and Julio Hoil Gutierrez (pp. 35–52, University Press of Colorado, Boulder). This essay explores the strong and abiding cultural ties the Hopi people have to their ancestral land using information collected during collaborative research with the Hopi Tribe. Order your copy today.