Recent Publications: Carpenter, Sánchez, and Sánchez-Morales Co-author Chapter

School of Anthropology alumni John P. Carpenter (Ph.D. Arizona, 1996) and Guadalupe Sánchez (Ph.D. Arizona, 2010), and Ph.D. candidate Ismael Sánchez-Morales co-authored the chapter “The Archaic Period of Sonora” included in the book The Archaic Southwest: Foragers in an Arid Land, which was recently published by The University of Utah Press and edited by Bradley J. Vierra. The chapter summarizes the results of long-term research conducted by the authors focused on the Archaic occupation of the state of Sonora, Mexico, and provides new information about the Archaic adaptations of Northwest Mexico. The Archaic Southwest: Foragers in an Arid Land is the first volume to synthesize new data on the Archaic period of the Southwest cultural region. Read an overview of the book here. (Anthro News Digest date: 6/16/2017)