Recent Publications: Borck Is Guest Editor for Special Issue of KIVA

Lewis Borck (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) is the guest editor for the upcoming special issue of KIVA entitled “Gallina Research in the 21st Century.” He is also the sole/primary author for two articles within the issue. One is a brief discussion that challenges the idea of cultural marginality in the Southwest and the other, with Erik Simpson (Salmon Ruins), is a historically and theoretically informed evaluation exploring the emergence of a Gallina identity of resistance that gave rise to a powerful social movement that rejected the increases in hierarchy occurring contemporaneously across the Colorado Plateau. School of Anthropology alumni J. Michael Bremer (B.A. 1978) and Alexis O’Donnell (B.A. 2008) as well as current Ph.D. student Benjamin Bellorado are also authors within the issue. Bremer’s article focuses on an updated synthesis of Gallina archaeology, O’Donnell explores where some Gallina inhabitants may have migrated to post-AD 1300, and Bellorado places Gallina mural traditions within a wider, culturally connected landscape of architectural art. The issue is available online now and in hard copy soon.