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Recent Publications: Borck Co-authors Encyclopedia Chapter

Alumnus Lewis Borck (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016; Universiteit Leiden) and Stefani Crabtree (Utah State University and the Santa Fe Institute) published an overview chapter in the Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology last month titled “Social Networks for Archaeological Research.” You can access the chapter here.

Introduction: Archaeologists reconstruct the activities and interactions of individuals using the accumulated material culture of the past, yet detecting these interactions can be difficult using traditional archaeological analytical tools. The development of a methodological framework emerging from graph theory, coupled with the growth of computational power and a growing multidisciplinary theoretical framework aimed at interpreting these analyses, have eased the difficulties of uncovering, analyzing, and interpreting networks in the past. From examining physical locations of sites and how they interact together (Peregrine 1991) to examining trade routes and migration pathways (Hofman et al. 2018), and the exchange of ideas across time and space (Mills et al. 2013), network approaches have infiltrated archaeology and grown exponentially in published studies (Brughmans 2013; Mills 2017). (Anthro News digest date: 4/26/2019)