Recent Grad Crocker Referenced in Washington Post

A February 10 Washington Post article addressing the theme of fear of deportation and related health declines in immigrant communities referenced the dissertation research of Rebecca Crocker (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) on emotional stress amongst first generation immigrants in Tucson. The Post article, “Living in fear of deportation is terrible for your health,” presents a wide array of qualitative and quantitative data arguing that direct health risks are associated with living in fear of deportation and family separation, an issue that affects immigrants and even non-immigrant members of targeted minority communities. The hyperlink in paragraph five of the story that mentions supporting “qualitative research” leads directly to the PubMed Central abstract of the second article from Rebecca’s dissertation, “Emotional Testimonies: An Ethnographic Study of Emotional Suffering Related to Migration from Mexico to Arizona” (Frontiers in Public Health 2015; 3: 177). (Anthro News Digest publication date: 2/17/2017)

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