PBS NOVA: The White Sands Trackways

Nov. 5, 2021

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Designated Campus Colleagues Joe Watkins and Carol Ellick, and Edward Jolie, Clara Lee Taner Associate Professor of Anthropology and Associate Curator of Ethnology, Arizona State Museum, spent three days working with Wind Fall Films at White Sands National Park and Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico. Drs. Watkins and Jolie provided input on the significance of the 20,000+ year old human and megafauna tracks from the archaeological and Native American perspectives. In addition to participating in discussions at White Sands National Park, Ellick, Watkins, and Jolie traveled with the film crew to Elephant Butte Lake, where they conducted experiments along the muddy perimeter of the lake that may explain the linear marks found in association with the trackways. The film is due to NOVA in February 2022. PBS scheduling is TBD; we’ll let you know the date as soon as it is announced!

Anthro News Digest date: 11/05/2021