OPAC Youth Ed Programs Delayed until Fall

June 8, 2021

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s education programs for children are on hiatus for the summer, but OPAC is taking reservations for them for this fall. You can find information about them at the links listed below. The Old Pueblo Educational Neighborhood (OPEN) program allows students and adults to learn what archaeology is all about by excavation in “OPEN3,” a full-scale model of an archaeological site. OPEN3 is a simulated excavation site that archaeologists have constructed to resemble a southern Arizona Hohokam Indian ruin. It has full-size replicas of prehistoric pithouses and outdoor features that the Hohokam used for cooking, storage, and other (sometimes surprising) purposes. Students taking the OPEN3 field trip get to learn and practice techniques used to excavate real archaeological sites. They are also exposed to scientific interpretation of how ancient people constructed their houses, what they looked like, ate, and believed in, and how they created beauty in their lives. 

For details on OPEN3 field trips visit https://www.oldpueblo.org/programs/educational-programs/childrens-programs/open3-simulated-excavation-classrooms/. (Anthro News Digest date: 06/04/2021)