Nichter and Buruli Ulcer Team Present at WHO Conference; More

Regents’ Professor Emeritus Mark Nichter and his transdisciplinary West African research team presented a paper and two posters at the biannual conference on neglected tropical skin diseases at World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, March 27–29. The team presented the paper “Rationale approach for effective wound care in Benin and Côte d’Ivoire:  results of a pilot intervention” and two posters: “Process for developing community-based wound outreach education in Ouinhi, Benin and Divo, Côte d’Ivoire” and “Conception d’outils de formation des agents de santé, de sensibilisation de la communauté et de suivi des malades projet wound care Benin Côte d’Ivoire : processus et leçons apprises.”

Dr. Nichter, Ines Agbo, and colleagues from Benin have published a paper in Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases titled “The gendered impact of Buruli ulcer on the household production of health and social support networks: why decentralization favors women.”

Dr. Nichter recently joined a two year multidisciplinary task force on “Extending the Cure: Individual Behavior and Public Health Thought” that focuses on individual antibiotic overuse and vaccine underuse. The task force has been assembled by Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy and Princeton University. (Anthro News date: 4/5/2019)