New Publications from Lab of Applied Archaeology

July 27, 2021

Professor Nieves Zedeño is lead author on two new publications that feature co-authors who are alumni from the SoA’s Laboratory of Applied Archaeology:

  • Zedeño, M.N.Evelyn Pickering (Ph.D. 2020), and François Lanoë (Ph.D. 2017) 2021. Oral Tradition as Emplacement: Ancestral Blackfoot Memories of the Rocky Mountain Front. Journal of Social Archaeology
  • Zedeño, M.N.Christopher Roos (Ph.D. 2008), Kacey Hollenback (Ph.D. 2012), and M. H. Erlick 2021. Bison Hunters and Prairie Fires: A View from the Northwest Plains. In The Greater Plains—Rethinking a Region’s Environmental Histories, edited by B. Frehner and K. Brosnan, pp. 48–65. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.

Anthro News Digest date: 07/25/2021