New Publications from Gallaga

Dr. Emiliano Gallaga Murrieta (Ph.D. Arizona, 2006) announces two new publications. First is the book Chiapa de Corzo, which is about the site of the same name. In the collective imagination, when we talk about the state of Chiapas and its pre-Hispanic past, the first thing that comes to mind are the Mayan groups and their impressive constructions, such as Palenque, Bonampak or Yaxchilán. But little is said about the Zoque group, an indigenous community that continues among us struggling to preserve its culture and traditions. Similarly, it is unknown that Zoques were not only contemporaries of the Maya, but lived long before they did in the central depression of the state and part of its coast, and interacted with the Olmecs. It is even thought that possibly a good part of the Olmec civilization arose thanks to the interaction with the Zoques communities of the state of Chiapas.

Writes Dr. Gallaga, “The primary objective of the book is not only to publicize the results of the Archaeological Project of Chiapa de Corzo, within the framework of which one of the most important tombs of that community was located in 2010; it is also a simple exposition of what we know of the development of the pre-Hispanic community of Chiapa de Corzo and its relevance to the region”

The second publication from Dr. Gallaga is an article about a mummified macaw head found in the Sierra Madre in Chihuahua that recently came out in Arqueologia Mexicana, issue 154. The age of more than 2000 years, and the finding of the mummified macaw head will not only shed light on the early presence in the region, but also on the process of adaptation of agriculture and what it could mean for these early communities. (Digest date: 12/07/2018)

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