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New Positions for Borck, Phaneuf

Recent School of Anthropology graduate Lewis Borck (Ph.D. 2016) has taken a position as a post-doctoral researcher on the NWO Island Networks project at Universiteit Leiden. He will be working with Prof. dr. Corinne Hofman and her interdisciplinary team on balancing the colonial perspective present in historical and ethnographic texts with the indigenous history embedded within material culture and oral traditions. He is also continuing as a preservation archaeologist at the research and preservation non-profit, Archaeology Southwest.
Victoria Phaneuf (Ph.D. Arizona, 2012) has accepted a Social Scientist position with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in New Orleans, Louisiana, to begin this October. She will be researching and analyzing the sociocultural effects of offshore energy production including oil and gas and renewable sources. This represents a continuation of research she conducted in the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology as a graduate and Post-Doctoral researcher with Professors Diane Austin and Thomas McGuire.


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