More Exciting Lidar Research from Inomata-Triadan Group!

Oct. 29, 2021

From the team that brought you the oldest and largest Maya monument, Aguada Fénix in Tabasco, Mexico, now we have…“nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites in Southern Mexico,” to quote the headline from a UANews piece released Monday, October 25. You read that right: The group identified 478 complexes in the states of Tabasco and Veracruz, Mexico, using Lidar, an airborne laser mapping technique. Professor Takeshi Inomata is lead author on a new paper in Nature Human Behavior, and Professor Daniela Triadan is among the coauthors, along with Dr. Greg Hodgins, an SoA-affiliated assistant professor and director of the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab.

Read the whole UANews piece now! These news outlets quickly picked up the story:

Anthro News Digest date: 10/29/2021