In Memoriam: David Wilcox, 1944–2022

June 20, 2022
Bearded man in glasses, jacket, vest, and tie smiling

Dr. David Robert Wilcox (Ph.D. SoA 1977), a scholar of unmatched depth and breadth among those who study the archaeology of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, died May 27, 2022, at the age of 78. 

A prolific writer, he produced more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. He made groundbreaking contributions to research on Hohokam religion, social organization, ballcourts, great houses, and platform mounds; pre-Hispanic settlement systems; and the protohistoric period.

An advocate of Arizona State Museum, upon retirement Dr. Wilcox began transferring his papers and research library to ASM. To help ensure that the ASM Library and Archives has the ability to accept, process, and make available to the public not only his papers, but those of other leaders in the field, he and his wife Susan established the ASM Library and Archives Endowment Fund.

Dr. Wilcox’s presence, advocacy, and research will be greatly missed by the entire archaeological community. Condolences can be sent to Susan Wilcox at 1440 W. Shullenbarger Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86005.

Adapted from the ASM eNewsleter, June 15, 2022