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In the Media, 5/17/2019

  • Affiliated faculty and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab Director Gregory Hodgins (right) explains Carbon 14 and the AMS lab in an Arizona Illustrated piece from Sunday, May 12. The segment explains the lab’s work on the forensic determination of year-of-birth in unidentified human remains. Date estimates are derived from the quantity of above ground nuclear testing-derived radiocarbon incorporated into tooth enamel during tooth formation. Says Dr. Hodgins, “We have been engaged in this for more than a decade, and had a few successes over the years with date measurements leading to identifications.” Watch the story now.
  • Megan Carney, SoA Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Regional Food Studies, recently co-authored a piece for Sapiens, the online magazine of the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Read “The Illusion and Peril of Food ‘Choice’” now.
  • Regents’ Professor and Department Head Emeritus John Olsen is quoted as an outside commenter in a Washington Post article about a Denisovan mandible from Tibet. Read “Jaw from a mysterious human species shows early embrace of the high life” here; Dr. Olsen’s comments come toward the end. (Anthro News date: 5/17/2019)