In the Media, 04/22/2022

April 22, 2022

Inomata Weighs in on Maya Calendar Fragments

Professor Takeshi Inomata provides outside commentary on the BIZ News Post article “Earliest evidence for Maya calendar may have been found in Guatemala,” 4/14/22.

MacLean on Dog Face Evolution

Associate Professor Evan MacLean comments on preliminary findings about fast-twitch muscle fibers in dogs’ faces in the NBC piece “Dogs' faces evolved to improve connections with people, study suggests,” 4/5/22.

Olsen and Team Finds Giant Camels Possible Part of Early Human Diet

As we reported earlier this month, Regents’ Professor Emeritus John Olsen is co-author on a Frontiers in Earth Science article documenting the coexistence of giant camels and modern humans in ancient Mongolia. No the Daily Mail takes a more sensationalist approach to the topic in “Humans may have eaten the last giant mongolian camels 27,000 years ago,” 3/29/22.