Large NSF Grants Awarded

Two National Science Foundation grants awarded to School of Anthropology faculty members in the past week total more than $1 million! Congratulations to Professors María Nieves Zedeño and David Killick, and BARA Research Scientist François B. Lanoë (Ph.D. Arizona, 2017).

Drs. Zedeño and Lanoë are PI and Co-PI, respectively, for the project titled “Integrating Archaeological and Indigenous Data Sources to Explore the Peopling of the North American Continent along the Ice-Free Corridor.” The researchers aim to integrate “archaeological research with Native American genetic data and oral history to explore the settlement of North America during the end of the last Ice Age,” according to the abstract, which you can read here. Other significant goals of the project are: to “train tribal members in the study and management of their cultural heritage;…translate scientific findings for Native American groups; and…develop school curricula for the benefit of Blackfoot, Alaskan, and other Native communities.”

Dr. Killick’s project, “Trade and the Development of Social Complexity,” will involve graduate student Jay Stevens as well as archaeologists in southern Africa. The researchers “will study the circulation of copper within southern Africa between 200 CE to about 1700 CE” (from the abstract). Read the project abstract here. (Anthro News Digest date: 4/12/2019)

Photos: Nieves Zedeño with bison; David Killick