Holliday Honored by TAS: “Titan”

Professor Vance Holliday attended the annual meeting of the Texas Archaeological Society in San Antonio (Vance’s home town which is celebrating its 300th birthday; the town, not Vance). Vance was part of a group of seven archaeologists declared by the TAS as “Titans of Texas Archaeology,” an honor defined as “recognizing elders of Texas archaeology.” Dr. Holliday decided that being an elder was more realistic than being a titan. Also in the group of honorees was Dr. Michael B. Collins (Ph.D. Arizona, 1974), who was a student of Dr. Arthur Jelinek (Professor Emeritus) and is now at Texas State University. Reports Dr. Holliday, “of the group of ‘Titans,’ three were mentors of sorts in my early training as a professional archaeologist.”

Congratulations, Dr. Holliday! Read all about the Texas Archeological Society 2018 Annual Meeting and view the program here.