Harlan and Seymour Have Chapters in Prehistoric Games

Earlier this semester we announced the publication of a chapter by Ph.D. candidate Marijke Stoll (co-authored with David S. Anderson) in the new volume Prehistoric Games of North American Indians: Subarctic to Mesoamerica, edited by Barbara Voorhies (University of Utah Press, May 2017). In fact there are two more chapters in the Games book written by SoA alumni. Here are the authors and titles of the two other chapters from SoA folk:

•    Mark E. Harlan (Ph.D. Arizona, 1975): Serious Play in The Preclassic: The Chalcatzingo Figurines as Guides in a Game Of Social Learning
•    Deni J. Seymour (Ph.D. Arizona, 1990): Social Aspects of an Apachean Stave-Dice Gaming Feature at Three Sisters

Visit the University of Utah Press website to order your copy.

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