Graduation Accolades

Congratulations to all the 2019 School of Anthropology graduates—at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels! You’ve done a great job and earned your degrees!

Special recognition goes to several undergrads who received awards from the SoA and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
•    Sara Luois, Sophie Kenyon, and Deianira Morris are recipients of the SoA’s Scholar’s Award.
•    Sophie Kenyon is also the recipient of this year’s SBS Outstanding Undergrad Research Award. Read more about her accomplishments in this SBS announcement.
•    Chelsea Forer is the recipient of the SoA’s Leadership Award.
•    Chelsea Forer also received the Honors College Dean’s Award of Excellence and was a finalist for the Honors College Outstanding Senior award.
•    Victor Herrera II is the recipient of the SoA’s Ganesh Award.

Anthro News date: 5/10/2019