A Fond Farewell

The School of Anthropology said goodbye last week to Ben Beshaw, who left for greener pastures. Ben joined the SoA Business Center as a mere boy in August 2008; he was promoted to Accountant in August 2012. He recently received a promotion to Business Manager for American Indian Studies and will also be helping out in the School of Information. Always upbeat and ready to lend a hand, he has shepherded countless reams of paperwork through the arcane University of Arizona accounting system. Says Ben, “I’ve truly enjoyed working with SoA faculty, staff, and students, and hope my new position is as rewarding as this one has been.”

Goodbye, Ben—you will be missed!

In other news, Julianna Reddick is our new Accountant and will occupy Ben’s former space in Room 221. Julia’s first day was Monday, July 10. She will only work in the SoA two days per week through the end of August while she wraps up work in her current position in SBS Tech. Welcome, Julia!