Faculty Seed Grant for CRFS Staff

June 3, 2022


Megan Carney, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Regional Food Studies, and co PI Laurel Bellante, heard this week that the Center received a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Faculty Seed Grant! The project (title and description below) is a collaboration between the Center for Regional Food Studies and some of its community partners.

Project description: “The Future of Food and Social Justice: A Multimedia Storytelling Project” foregrounds youth storytelling to advance a more equitable, socially and racially just vision for the future of food in our borderlands region. Using feminist and participatory methods, we aim to engage and train at least 30 youth from structurally marginalized backgrounds from across southern Arizona in project activities and to solicit at least 15 stories on the future of food and social justice in the form of: a short essay or statement; audio or video recordings; and brief interviews. Results of the project will make important contributions to theory on archival activism, decolonial knowledge production, and food studies, as well as interventions to right to food and debates around food-based development in our region. Participants of the project will also have an active role in co-producing and co-archiving stories with their communities.