Faculty Presentations, 5/31/2019

Green Travels to Scandinavia

Professor Linda Green gave a keynote address at the launch conference of a new journal, Public Anthropologst, for which she is also an associate editor. The talk given at the Christian Michelson Institute in Bergen, Norway was titled “Ethics as Politics, Anthropology as Praxis.” Dr. Green also gave a talk at the FAFO Research Institute in Oslo, where she had a short term residency during the month of May. The talk centered on her work on migrants and asylum seekers from Guatemala asking for refuge in the US.

Odegaard Presents Keynote Address in Saskatoon

Nancy Odegaard, Professor and Head of Preservation at Arizona State Museum, was keynote speaker at ē-micimināyakik, the first gathering in Canada for gathering of Indigenous peoples working in museums, cultural centres, archives, and libraries, on May 2–3, 2019 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre hosted the gathering and awarded Dr. Odegaard for her contributions to the understanding of pesticide residues on objects of cultural patrimony and heritage. (Anthro News date: 5/31/2019)