Eleni Hasaki Delivers Keynote Lecture at Italian Conference

Eleni Hasaki (Associate Professor of Anthropology and Classics) delivered the keynote lecture at a conference on craft production in Archaic Greece at the University of Salerno (Dipartimento di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale) in May 2014. The University of Salerno has served as a leading educational center ever since the Medieval times. The conference focused on the representations of craftspeople in visual culture and their social reception in changing economic and political times during the Archaic period in Greece and Italy. The panelists included distinguished Italian faculty of Archaeology and Philology from the Universities of Rome, Naples, and Salerno and was well attended by the academic community of the Universities of Salerno and Genoa, as well as by archaeologists of the Superintendencies of Archaeological Heritage at Pompeii, Basilicata, and nearby regions. Dr. Hasaki also enjoyed the hospitality of Italian archaeologists during site visits at the Greek colonies of South Italy (Magna Graecia) of Paestum, Policastro, Metapontum, Taras, and Heraclea.

Published Date: 

4 years 8 months ago