Clone of Recent Publications: Watson and Haas in American Journal of Physical Anthropology

James Watson (pictured; Associate Professor and ASM Associate Curator of Bioarchaeology) and Randall Haas (Ph.D. Arizona, 2014; Assistant Professor at UC Davis) have just published “Dental evidence for wild tuber processing among Titicaca Basin foragers 7000 ybp” in the latest issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Their research documents physical evidence of tuber processing on the teeth of early foragers from the high Andean altiplano in southern Peru. The pair argue that a unique form of tooth wear in a small skeletal sample recovered from Soro Mik’aya Patjxa, an archaeological site excavated by Haas in 2013 on the western edge of the Lake Titicaca Basin, is “an important piece to the puzzle of domestication of cultigens in the region.” Read the article now.

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