Carney, Steig Part of CRFS–Dunbar Pavillion Project

Sept. 28, 2020

Assistant Professor Megan Carney, director of the Center for Regional Food Studies, and School of Anthropology graduate student A.G. Steig are co-authors, together with Dunbar Pavillion executive director Debi Chess, of an essay posted this week on the Center for Regional Food Studies website. “‘Making Space’ as Strategy for Advancing a New Vision of Health for Black People” describes the Dunbar Wellness Project:

a partnership between Tucson’s Dunbar Pavilion and the UA Center for Regional Food Studies, consists of workshops, lectures, and asset-mapping exercises that collectively promote ancestral and holistic approaches to health and wellness, alternative and complementary medicine, the connection of health to the environment and community, and nourishing diets. (Anthro News Digest date: 9/25/2020)