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BARA Team Back from Natural Bridges

The BARA/SoA research team headed by Professor Rich Stoffle just returned from completing back-to-back field work at Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. The ethnographic team is composed of Chris Sittler, Mariah Albertie, Cameron Keys, Grace Penry, C. Mintie Johnson, Daniel Velasco, and Rich Stoffle. Noah Pleshet works with the team but was in Australia at the time of the field work. Representatives from the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe and the Pueblo of Acoma shared their cultural observations about places, objects, and natural resources in the park. They also made a variety of management and interpretation recommendations in this Ethnographic Overview and Assessment study. Three tribes and pueblos have now participated in this study and others are being scheduled for the fall.

Photos: 1) The largest of the three massive stone bridges, 2) The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe presenting a tribal flag to the research team, 3) Team members Grace Penry and Cameron Keys

Anthro News date: 6/14/2019