BARA 2017 Symposium

On Thursday May 4, BARA held its annual symposium showcasing the research conducted by undergraduate BARA interns and graduate students during the 2016–2017 academic year. The BARA internship program links teams of students with local community partners who have requested assistance with different issues and problems facing their organizations. This year, the BARA interns, Research Assistants, post-bacs, and post-doc worked in close collaboration with partners including the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, the Teen Outreach Pregnancy Service, Owl & Panther, and several Nogales, Sonora based partners to develop ethnographic research projects addressing the partner's area of need. At the symposium, BARA teams presented findings on a diverse array of topics, such as volunteer retention, transitions toward poverty prevention programming, and how to improve referral networks. Approximately ten UA faculty and staff, twenty UA students, and ten representatives from our community partners attended and participated in this year's highly interactive research symposium. (Anthro News Digest date 5/12/2017)