ASM Announces Thompson Fellowship Recipients

Three School of Anthropology graduate students have been awarded fellowships from the Arizona State Museum’s Raymond H. and Molly K. Thompson Endowment fund in support of their dissertation/master’s thesis research.

Kelsey Hanson (left) received $490 for Raman spectroscopy analysis of 14 blue pigment cake samples held in ASM collections—an initial step in identifying the diverse geologic distributions of paint constituents and linking paint recipes to select painted objects, with the goal of exploring identity, migration, and religious diversity in the Southwest. Kelsey’s advisor is Professor Barbara Mills, and she holds an internship in ASM’s Conservation Laboratory under the guidance of Conservator and Professor of Anthropology Nancy Odegaard.

An award of $467 went to Mairead Poulin (right) for the purchase of a camera and other equipment and supplies associated with recording rock art at Baird’s Chevelon Steps, a study area of the Homol’ovi Research Program’s Rock Art Ranch Field School. Mairead’s advisor is Assistant Professor Lindsay Montgomery, and ASM’s E. Charles Adams (also an SoA Professor) serves as a member of her master’s committee.

Jordan Wilson (left) was awarded $413 for the purchase of a compound microscope with built-in camera and associated materials, to view and photograph histological sections of human bone tissue as part of her dissertation research involving early village sites at La Playa, in Sonora, Mexico. Jordan is advised by Associate Professor James Watson.

The Raymond H. and Molly K. Thompson Endowment was established in 1997 to honor retiring director and SoA Department Head and Professor Emeritus Raymond H. Thompson. Income from the endowment has been used since 2002 to support costs associated with the production of a master’s or doctoral thesis through annual competitive fellowship grants. These grants are open to graduate students connected to the Arizona State Museum through direct employment, working with its collections, or having its faculty serving as their advisor.