Anthro Undergrads Rock Magellan Scholarships

Wow! Twenty-one out of this year’s 76 Magellan Scholarship recipients are SoA undergraduate students! One-hundred eleven students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences applied for the Magellan, and Anthro students are the largest group of majors to receive the awards this year.

Congratulations to these 2017–2018 Magellan Circle Scholars from the SoA:
•    Madison Bigham
•    Leila Castro
•    Gloria Chavez
•    Manuel Colores
•    Emma Eddy
•    Jessina Emmert
•    Taylor Freeman
•    Rose Hattab
•    Lau Rynn La Rue
•    Sara Luois
•    Madeline Moeller
•    Waco Perry
•    Victoria Ramassini
•    Hailey Ramirez
•    Neida Wildine Rodriguez
•    Christopher Sauer
•    Amelia Symm
•    Amadeus Toledo-Seitz
•    Brando Valdivia
•    Aimee Weber
•    Elizabeth Young

Magellan Circle Scholars will meet their patrons at a breakfast. The recipients are SBS undergraduates in good standing who are making progress toward their degree. They must be enrolled at the University of Arizona during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, and are selected based on a combination of academic performance and financial need.