Alumni News: Cartwright and Crafting Synergies between Medical and Visual Anthropologies

Elizabeth Cartwright (Ph.D. Arizona, 1998) and her colleague Jerome Crowder (UTMB) recently co-edited a special issue of the journal Medical Anthropology entitled “Crafting Synergies between Medical and Visual Anthropologies” (Vol. 36(6)). Cartwright’s article in this issue, written with her former graduate student Adam Clegg, focuses on using video-taped data to explore language socialization and communicative disorders. It is titled, “Peaches for Lunch: Creating and Using Visual Variables.” Cartwright and Crowder’s introduction to the issue, “Dissecting Images, Multi-Modal Medical Anthropology,” highlights multiple ways of using images to capture non-textual dimensions of the illness experience. View the special issue’s complete table of contents here.

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